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About us

Straight, clear and honest. Those are the key words we find important when providing logistic solutions.


Founded in 1974 in Rotterdam, PVY Logistics as a family business rapidly proved to be a reliable partner. In our opinion transport is service and not a commodity.


With a personal approach we specialize in overseas forwarding, airfreight and cargo transportation. Together with affiliated company Boxlines, specializing in LCL consolidation, import and cross trading, we can fulfill all your needs.

Years of experience guarantee that we are in a position to offer you a wealth of explicit knowledge. Not to mention the fact that we know all the do’s and don’ts in our branch. Our purchasing leverage enables us to keep our prices at an acceptable level. 

The logistics world is changing. Computers enable additional services and can reduce the amount of work if all goes as planned. Not everything can be planned. It's our goal as being your service oriented logistics partner to fullfil your needs as good as possible and in your interest. Together and with a view to the future.

PVY Logistics has a dynamic team consisting of experienced, flexible and well-motivated employees. It goes without saying that all team members at PVY are skilled and well-acquainted with the latest developments in their field of expertise. We are always able to adapt our strategies if and when a situation should require this or make it expedient.

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